Saranghae better than ever

Saranghae’s 5 step anti aging routine

Back in March of last year, you’ll see I posted on this line of Korean beauty products. Recently they’ve launched an entirely new line with better formulations, and with a tweak here and there, voila!  A sleek new design makes the packaging even more decadent than before. 

The 5 step routine works best as a cohesive unit, which is how I’ve been using it since receiving the package. What I love about this system is the unity it gives you. From the packaged box set to lining up perfectly together on your vanity, they play nice as one happy skincare family. 

Let’s start by reviewing the products in order of recommended use. 

Nourishing & Moisturizing Cleanser

I LOVE this botanical oil based cleanser. It’s water soluble so it creates a luscious foam on contact with water. My favorite way to use this is with dry hands on a dry face. I rub it all over my face, eyes included and give myself a gentle massage before adding any water. Once you do add water, you will enjoy the most beautiful lather. Immediately after rinsing the softly chamomile scented bubbles away, you can feel the texture of your skin transformed!  Soft, delicate, and hydrated!  Simply amazing. 

Next up is the deep essence and serum. 

Deep radiance essence + serum

The amber colored essence is of a slippery consistency with relatively low viscosity. I enjoy patting this into my skin very much. It absorbs well and smells like a clean herbal tonic. I imagine it smells like what it contains which are nutrients the skin just drinks up!  Amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins are delivered straight to live cells by penetrating DEEP (hence the name) through the dermal layer of the epidermis. Mushroom extract, placenta (plant based – phew), collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid star as key players in this powerfully packed product. 

About 2 pumps worth

Next up to lavish your skin with is the cream. 

Firm & Lift cellular regeneration cream 

Gorgeous packaging, gorgeous product. Simply stated, this cream will change how you feel about skincare. It smells divine, has amazing absorbability while delivering anti aging results. I’ve noticed age spots diminishing as well as decreasing redness around my cheeks. It just makes my skin look and feel beautiful and that’s why I love it. 

You see how my skin is glowing?  I love knowing the blend of antioxidants, amino acids and peptides are there to regenerate and protect my skin. 

Next up is the eye cream. How cute is this container?

Focus renewal eye cream

The eye cream has a blend similar to the serum with the same mushroom extract making an appearance. As I’ve mentioned, the line is meant to work synergetically as a unit, but if I’m in a hurry and out the door with nothing else I at least grab this and go. I can pat on one pump for both eyes and instantly look awake and bright eyed. It’s amazing. 

Who needs coffee when you have light in a bottle? 

Last but not least, the “vacation” in a sheetmask. 

This mask ….smells. so. good. 

Ugh!! If they would just make it into a perfume I would wear it every day!!!  This mask is so relaxing. I really need to buy these by the truckload. What makes it so special is the tingle and refreshing feeling while wearing it. It’s so relaxing but then upon removal you’ll see the happiest skin you’ve seen in awhile. Think yourself 10 years ago. Amazing. 

This entire bundle will run you $159 as a one time purchase on Saranghae website. I would recommend signing up for a membership though so these goodies can be shipped routinely. You’re gonna fall in love. The membership price is $139. You also may purchase the items separately. 

To learn more about Saranghae please visit their website here. You can also check their instagram page out here

I hope you get the chance to experience this wonderful line. Let me know your thoughts below! 💙

Eye patches… do they work?

So what’s the deal with these eye patches we’re seeing around the k beauty block these days?

Me wearing the 24k gold patch by Masqueology
I’ve been interested in patches like these for a few years now. I’ve received them in beauty boxes and bags (subscriptions) and have really enjoyed them. They are basically like little itty bitty hydro gel sheet masks for under your eyes!

While I’m not a huge fan of eye cream, I can attest to claims of the gel patch. In this post, I will be reviewing a specific patch, the 24 karat gold under eye gel mask by Masqueology. 

These patches contain real gold, which is a really luxurious way to pamper your skin. The ingredients lists “gold” as the very last ingredient of 32 items, but hey it’s there. The gold helps to detoxify impurities, improve skin cells by nourishing them, and stimulate skin collagen and elastin production. 

Two other key ingredients that I love seeing in skincare are niacinamide and hydrolyzed collagen. Niacinamide does a great job against unsightly dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  The collagen is important because it keeps skin supple while seriously hydrating the skin, thus preventing wrinkles and sagging. 

The container of 30 (15 pairs), comes in a sleek black box. When you open the box you’ll see a gold round jar with screw top lid. A nice spatula is included for hygienic removal of each gel patch. I love how loosely packed the patches are. It makes them a lot easier to remove compared to other brands I’ve tried. 

The patches smell AMAZING. Yes, I like smelly things and around my eyes is no exception. Some may not want any fragrance around the eye area, and I totally get that. However, I’ve not noticed any irritation at all and I happen to love the aroma the entire 20 minutes I’m wearing them. They have a really nice cooling sensation, but not tingly per se. I absolutely feel these patches have helped with my dark circles (read: two boys, aged 2 1/2 and 13 months), and have seemed to give my under eye skin more elasticity if that makes sense. 

I love these patches!  What I love even more is the price. $10 per box!  They are available at WALMART, so while you’re there picking up boring toilet paper and paper towels, treat yourself to 15 nights of relaxation (while nourishing your skin!) You’ll love them! Also a nice bonus is they are not tested on our furry friends. Made in Korea. 😁

Product was sent as PR sample for my review. 

Our new life 

It’s been WAY too long since my last post so this one will be of a more personal note. 

This guy….. 👆🏻 😁

Max is loving his new location. We have settled in quite nicely to our new northeast Florida home. We go to the beach about once a week, parks and playgrounds daily and the boys are taking swim lessons already!  We take a “music4minis” class weekly too!  So much fun.   We’re busy to say the least. 

Leo is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s 18 months younger than Max yet they wear the same size diaper and clothing. Makes their closet easier to navigate but I fear Leo will outgrow Max in the very near future. 😁

Thanks for reading this personal post. I promise to get back into posting beauty and skincare reviews in the weeks to come. I have some hidden gems I can’t wait to talk about soon. Also, I need to do a review on some amazing cotton I was sent to enjoy that you can use as a DIY mask, and my new favorite lip gloss obsession. ❤️

Keep tuned. Stay well and be happy!

Holika Holika BB cushion

It is bittersweet to announce that this will be what is most likely my last post as the Skin18@WV representative.  I haven’t officially announced it on Instagram yet, however if you are reading this now, please note that we are MOVING!!!! My husband’s employer offered him an amazing opportunity we couldn’t refuse, so we are heading down to Florida for a temporary move.  We will be there approximately 1-2 years.  So, back to the product the lovely people at Skin18 sent for me to enjoy and review….


I’m so excited to share this cushion review with you.  I’ve been wearing this cushion nearly every day since receiving it.  This product is called Face 2 Change White Cushion BB by Holika Holika.  It’s sleek white case is very smooth and comfortable to hold.  I’m a sucker for cute packaging and although the streamlined look appeals to many, I wish the compact had more of the pink floral design that’s on the box.  I keep it in it’s box and problem is solved.

The application of this cushion is effortless.  All you need is a little dab and it applies evenly.  Coverage is about medium and leaves quite a dewy finish.  I haven’t been using a finishing powder lately, and have been enjoying the dewy look however, I would say this cushion may not be suitable for oily skin.  I have combination skin and it is just a bit greasy feeling on my T-zone.  There is a very light and delicate fragrance which dissipates rather quickly.


It comes in both traditional shades of 21 and 23.  I have shade 21 which seems to be a bit lighter than my actual skin tone.  The above picture makes the color seem really dark, but I assure you it’s pretty light after applied to this skin.  Before———>



I like this cushion a lot!  Cushions have recently become more mainstream in the Western world, and it’s easy to see why.  Adorably packaged and portable, they are perfect for on the go in your handbag or safe at home on your makeup tray.  I always have one in my purse for quick touch ups when I’m out and about, (or let’s face it, for the full application when I have NO time for makeup in the morning as I’m trying to get kids out of the door.)  Overall, I am really enjoying this cushion and can definitely recommend it!


Do check out Skin18 for this cushion and many more!  They have awesome deals AND a freebies section (just pay shipping)!  I hate to say farewell, but I must step down from the awesome role of Skin18@WV.  I’m hoping they will still send me blogger’s packages to rate and review for you guys so please stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!


Saranghae (means I love you) ❤️ 

The Korean company, Saranghae isn’t new like I had originally assumed. The founder, Min Jun Lee has been making the stuff for 20+ years!  It’s only recently been available in the Western Hemisphere via their Toronto based location. For years Saranghae remained one of those “best kept secrets” from Seoul, happily tucked away in suitcases and brought back by those in the know. Now, it’s making its emergence on social media which will undoubtedly garner the brand some well deserved praise. 

The company graciously sent me the “goddess bundle” set which comes magnificently housed in a sturdy dark blue box. The packaging is certainly impressive and luxurious. The color scheme and simplistic font reminds me of a certain Swiss brand  (ultra luxe) which lends itself to giving the user a similar mood enhancing experience. Fancy!

Saranghae, pronounced “Sah-ran-gay” (or at least that’s my humble attempt) boasts some pretty awesome claims. They don’t use parabens or pthalates, don’t test on animals and use natural ingredients derived from plants, herbs and flowers which grow around a volcano. You know the one, the infamous JeJu Island one. 

There are 5 products that work synergistically and universally for ALL skin types to promote healthy skin in 3 phases.

  1. Heal and repair the skin 
  2. Regenerate new healthy skin
  3. Protect skin from toxins and undesired effects of aging 

The products are:

  • The nourishing & moisturizing cleanser
  • The firm and lift regenerating cream
  • The focus renewal eye serum
  • The infinite repair night serum 
  • The elemental essence mask

There is a 6th product but not actually considered part of the 5 step program because it’s so new. I imagine it will be added in the future as well as other products that I feel the company could use. I’ll get into that later. The 6th product is called “5 minute instant facelift” and it is used for fine lines and wrinkles. 

Let’s start with the cleanser: 

This is an oil based cleanser with medium viscosity. It does a perfect job of removing makeup, smells absolutely incredible (like linden flower and chamomile) and is water soluble meaning it emulsifies and rinses away clean without any residue. In fact, it leaves your face so clean you really don’t “need” a second cleanse. The company suggests moving right on to moisturizing afterwards. Herein lies my desire for additional products. First let me show you the consistency and lather. It really is a nice cleanser. 

I’m a huge fan of cleansers. In fact, I might have a small addiction to them. So, I have come to LOVE the double cleanse method. Any excuse to wash my face twice and I’m in. Saranghae claims this cleanser is all you need and maybe it is, but I like to use it twice before heading on to the next step. I’ve inquired about the pH, and am still waiting for the official documentation, however it seems like a lower pH cleanser judging by the feel of my face after using. So, what about toning…?  As of right now it doesn’t seem necessary according to the brand, however this kinda goes against my grain as well. I like the feeling of toning my skin and preparing it for receiving all of the nutritive serums/ampoules afterwards. So there’s that. My wishlist is that a foam cleanser and beautiful toner be added to the line. 

Next up, the cream: 

Isn’t the jar gorgeous?  I just love it. The cream is thick and luxurious. It melts easily into the skin and gives an immediate plumping affect. It leaves my skin soft and supple. My only gripe is there is NO detectable fragrance. This is a dream come true for some I know. I’ve said it before – I’m in the beautifully scented skincare camp so it was a disappointment for me to discover the cleanser fragrance doesn’t carry over to the rest of the line. 

Next up – eye serum:

As you can see, one pump dispenses ample amount of product. I normally don’t even use any eye products whatsoever because they give me puffiness and irritation. This eye serum is very light and smooth, absorbs well too so I’ve been enjoying it. I just tap it under the eye and above the eye orbit as well as use the leftover on the area  inbetween eyebrows, forehead and nasolabial folds. It also has no scent, although I suppose most eye products do not. 

Next is the night repair serum:

I feel this guy is your ampoule. The serum is very thin and slippery. It absorbs very quickly. On the label it directs you to use it twice a day which is confusing since it has “night” in the name.  On the literature included and on the website it says once at night, but I don’t see anything photosensitive in the ingredient list so I’ve been using it in the AM as well. (Please correct me if I’m wrong). 

Last but not least, we have the sheetmask:

Yay!  A beautiful fragrance again!  This is an absolutely fabulous mask. I love the material, fit and essence. Look how much is leftover too. Best used at night, this mask helps to seal in all of the glorious nutrients you have previously applied. 

Saranghae uses a proprietary blend of the following ingredients: 

  • Wild evening primrose
  • Apricot
  • Sunflower oil
  • Witch hazel
  • Chamomile 
  • Safflower 
  • Rosehip oil 
  • Edelweiss
  • Comfrey symphytum officinal flower 

The products are sold separately and as sets. You can also set up a VIP membership whereby you save money and get shipments every 45 days or so. The goddess bundle pictured above will run you $159. 

Overall I give the 5 step routine two thumbs up. It is not only elegant to have displayed on your vanity, the products perform!!! My skin is smooth, I look younger and well rested and fine lines around my eyes have disappeared! Give Saranghae a try and see what the fuss is all about. 

Visit Saranghae for more information. 

Nature Republic real fresh

Do you like juicy masks that fit well, plump your skin and smell beautiful?  As my friend Carly (from @Unaccountabletalk) says these are incredible to use on lazy occasions when a full routine seems too much. Enter the latest version of Nature Republic’s real fresh mask sheet. 

These babies are amazing. They have a copious amount of jelly essence, soft comfortable gauzy mask material, the fit is great AND super affordable!!! 

A match made in heaven I say. 

In this blog post I will demonstrate the pomegranate version. The scent of this particular mask is so pleasing. Very light but noticeably fruity. Upon opening the packet you can notice the viscosity of the essence. 

The ingredients:

Water, butylene glycol, aloe barbadensis leaf water, glycerin, peg/ppg-17/6copolymer, alcohol, glycereth-26, citrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, chondus crispus (carrageenan) extract, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, punica granatum fruit extract, glycosyl trehalose, xanthan gum, ethylhexlglycerin, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, adenosine, glyceryl polyacrylate, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, cymbopogon schoenanthus extract, ficus carica (fig) fruit extract, ginkgo biloba nut extract, polyglutamic acid, cladosiphon okamuranus extract, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, fragrance. 

This is what I squeezed out of the packet after applying the mask to my face. 30 ml packet! Ample amount to moisturize neck and décolletage as well as elbows and feet! 

I left it on for 20 min and as you can see, it was still quite moist all over and definitely could have been left longer. 

Voila!  A happy masking camper here!! 

As the WV state representative for Skin18usa, I was generously sent this wonderful assortment of masks to review. So far I’ve used lemon, pomegranate, aloe and blueberry. They are all lovely flavors. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but each flavor is designed to help your skin with unique concerns. For example, pomegranate is meant to boost elasticity while lemon refreshes and revitalizes tired skin. 

You can find great deals on Skin18 as well as freebies to add to your order!  They also have a dollar corner and rewards program.  You have a blog you say?  They have bloggers packages as well!  

I hope you give these masks by Nature Republic a try!  Please leave a comment below if you like these masks as much as I do!  As always, thanks for reading. ❤ 

LUKE by Hanwoong

Skin18 sent a blogger package to my door a few weeks ago and it had 3 products by the LUKE line. 

They sent me the mugwort nose strip previously and I’ve reviewed it here. It’s alright- it stings upon removal (which is to be expected) but the pain is not worth the results (actually lack thereof). I just don’t like it. The smell is weird too. Herbal but almost woody- like dirt. 

This is their Aloe Essence mask. I left the mask on for 29 min. It had a beautiful scent and decent fit. I would purchase this in the future because it had nice results. Skin was plumped, and had a glassy appearance afterwards that lasted all day. Very soothing. 

Lastly, this photo shows both the collagen hydrogel eye patch and nose strip. The eye patches were comfortable to wear because there was no slippage. They have an adhesive backing (much like a sticker) which allowed the patch to remain firmly in place during the recommended time of 20-30 min. I have to say, while they felt nice on, I saw no noticeable results upon removal. It’s too bad because I enjoyed the application so much. 

All in all, I think the LUKE line has some great options for people. I’m so glad these products were sent to me for review, so thank you Skin18!!!  I had fun using them and fun writing this review. 💖

I would buy the LUKE sheet masks without hesitation. If you get a chance to try the nose strip or eye patch for free, that would be good too!  Go to Skin18 and click on freebies… you might fall in love with a new favorite for FREE!

Use code 25xmas2016 to receive 25% off your order. Subtotals $40+ receive FREE SHIPPING.  Click here to shop Skin18 to use my affiliate link ✨🎁 

Thank you for reading.  🙏🏻📚💓✨

SHRAY queen bee mask review 

So, Shray contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their masks. Of course I said I would love to. I was sent the queen bee “gift kit” which is one mask packaged in a beautiful folded box. 

The mask itself is made in Taiwan, which excited me because I typically love their fit and thin nature. This one is consistent with my expectations in that it is a very thin, closely adhered mask soaked in delicious essence. 

This particular flavor, queen bee, is infused with honey and is meant to be excellent at reducing redness and treating acne. 

Ingredients: Honey Extract, Rice Extract(Oryza Sativa), Centella Asiatica Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pure water, 1,3 Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethyl Urea, DMDM Hydrantion, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Perfume

The fit is a bit odd however. I find the eye holes to be configured too closely together and the slit from the nose down to be awkward instead of helpful. I did like that the nose piece itself is longer than most (my friend @tracidrury pointed out on her blog). 

Notice how closely it sits to my outer eye. 

The ingredients list fragrance, however it is extremely mild. Almost undetectable. The mask started lifting after about 10 minutes (which is all you’re supposed to wear it for anyway according to the directions). 

Overall, I give this mask 6/10. My skin appears to be soft and well hydrated and it was fun opening the package (which felt like a gift to myself)… as far as being worth the retail price of $10, I have to be honest and say it’s not. I would probably pay $4-5 but no more.  One mask is $10 but if you buy the box of 5, it is only $30 (making the masks $6 each- still more than I would personally spend but definitely the way to buy them if you love it!). For me, it would need to have a perfect fit and have a delightful fragrance that lasts (as you know from my previous posts, I’m the oddball who actually WANTS her skincare moderately to heavily fragranced.)

You can find out more about these masks on Shray’s website SHRAY and find them on Instagram and Twitter @SHRAYskincare. They also are on Facebook. 

Inoface vitamin modeling cup 

I was sent this cute one use modeling cup from Inoface by Skin18 to test and review. I’m usually quite intimidated by modeling cups (although I shouldn’t be coming from a dental background and these are essentially the same concept as alginate material which is used for impressions)… this cup was small and simple and made me feel comfortable to give it a whirl!  

Wanting to be creative, I decided to mix it with my shara shara AIO berry ampoule. I’m trying to use this stuff up, and despite my frequent decanting for friends, it’s taking FOREVER to go through. Mixing it with modeling packa seem to be a great way to use it since the consistency was perfect to achieve with minimal effort. 

I left the pack on for about 20 min and when I peeled it off, some came off clean, some were crumbly and still wet. I actually just rinsed the rest away with warm water and my skin was glowing!! Different from a sheetmask in that the skin is dry and “matte” looking yet plump and smooth. I had to take a picture next to Leo because for a second I thought my skin was as smooth as his. He still won but I came close! 

Totally give this mask a try if you want a fun masking experience!  Available at Skin18 for under $6. You can also purchase these in a set of 5 for $30. ( Thanks Traci )

(Photo from their site)

Can you find quality masks at Walmart?

Yes… yes you can.

While I can’t speak to all masks that Walmart may or may not be carrying, I can tell you that a line of Korean sheet masks called Masqueology  is being sold there… and they are GOOD!

Masqueology by Beauty Architects, LLC is a brand out of Long Beach, California but the masks are made in Korea. I was sent these four masks to try. I’ve only tried two so far, and they were both similarly enjoyable. 

This was the first one I tried. The mask has a very light perfume scent and is drenched in creamy, lotion type essence. It applies very nicely except for the holes being way too large. 

This “special care cream mask” has Aloe Vera, peptides, adenosine and niacinamide to calm and transform dry skin into moisturized and smooth skin with diminished signs of lines and wrinkles. I enjoyed this one a lot. 

Next is the “Collagen lifting cream mask.”  This one has hydrolyzed collagen, adenosine and niacinamide as well. I enjoyed this mask for it’s clarifying properties and also it’s soft luxurious feel. Look how much lotion there is and the texture of it!

I would say if you like cream masks, you should definitely give these a try. Highly accessible, affordable and good quality, I think these masks will do well. Retail price is $2.50 and are available in the store and online.